Learning the Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings At Now Dental

Regular dental cleanings at Now Dental will save you money and improve your overall health!
You’ve heard it before: you need to schedule a checkup with your dentist every six months. But have you ever wondered why this is? Getting regular dental screenings and cleanings is about more than just protecting your teeth (though this is still a big part of it). Preventative dental care can help to protect your whole body against future health problems and limit your chances of needing costly, extensive work in the future. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of getting your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Remove Plaque
Even if you’re the best tooth-brusher in the world, there’s still a chance that some plaque could remain on your teeth. If it’s allowed to stay on your teeth for 24 to 72 hours, plaque can turn into tartar, which can only be removed by a professional. Tartar also makes plaque harder to get rid of and acts as a shield to protect bacteria in your mouth. Plaque buildup is the leading cause of tooth decay and, according to Crest, more than half of adults have tartar. Though these two are impossible to avoid, you can treat them easily with regular cleanings at Now Dental, your family friendly dentist in Carmichael, CA.

Avert Gum Disease
When you do not properly take care of your teeth and mouth, gingivitis and periodontal disease become all too common. Gum disease causes space to form between the teeth and the gums. In this area, bacteria flourishes, which can cause the gums to become swollen and tender. They may also bleed after you brush your teeth. Over time, these spaces can also result in painful abscesses. However, with regular dental cleanings, you can avoid gum disease and ensure your gums and teeth remain healthy.
Regular Dental Checkups Save You Money and Save Your Teeth!

Decrease the Risk for Diabetes
Having high blood sugar can take a toll on your oral health. In general, those with diabetes tend to experience dental problems more often than those without it. People with diabetes have a higher rate of dental infections, more cases of cavities, decay, and gum disease, and their mouth sores require more time to heal fully. When you get regular checkups, your dentist can determine which oral health problems, if any, are related to high blood sugar and recommend treatment, so your diabetes and oral health conditions do not worsen.

Early Detection of Cavities
During the cleaning, your oral health professional will also be on the lookout for signs of cavities, even when they are in their earliest stages. When cavities are caught early enough, they can be treated without the use of a drill. If you do not visit your dentist every six months, you may miss the early warning signs of a cavity. It will only get worse, requiring more invasive treatments, costing more money, and potentially leading to other long-term problems.

Identify Oral Cancer
Your dentist will also be looking out for any abnormalities in your mouth while they are performing the cleaning. These signs include white or red spots in the mouth and wounds that do not heal, which can indicate oral cancer. If your dentist suspects this condition, they can administer tests to be sure. Like any other type of cancer, early detection is key and gives you a better chance for a full recovery. That’s why regular cleanings are so crucial.

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Tips to Prepare Kids for Their First Dental Visit

Tips to Prepare Kids for Their First Dental Visit

Tips that help you help your child understand the importance of dental hygiene!

By teaching your kids about the importance of oral health and hygiene from a young age, you’ll set them up for a lifetime of success and good health. Preparing a child for their first dental office visit is critical for setting a good tone. Now Dental is a child-friendly dentist, but a lot of how a visit to the dentist is received by a child depends on parental preparation!

Your Child’s First Dental Appointment
The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child makes their first trip to the dentist no later than their first birthday. This not only sets up healthy habits for life, but it also ensures that a professional is keeping an eye on your child’s oral health. While it may not seem like those incoming baby teeth are a big deal, there are situations which may call for earlier intervention by a dentist!

 Cultivate A Positive Attidue In Your Child Towards Dental Care
One of the biggest factors in whether or not your child has a positive experience with the dentist depends on your own attitude and example. If you act anxious, express negative feelings towards dental visits, or let your child see your own fears about the visit, it may cause your child to feel more afraid of the process. Instead, if you can bring a positive attitude and chat about the dentist in a positive light, you’ll set the tone that a visit to the dentist is a good thing.

For young kids, having too much time to think about a new, unknown experience can lead to stress, so don’t tell your kids about their upcoming dental visits until the day of the appointment. This will prevent unnecessary worrying on their part. The morning of the visit, tell them they’re going to have a fun visit with the nice tooth doctor, and answer their questions without going into too much detail.

Videos, Games, and Books
For many kids, being a little more prepared for the experience can help to set expectations and remove fear of the unknown. Age-appropriate books, YouTube videos, and games can help familiarize them with the dental setting. Playing “dentist” with your child is an excellent way to get started. Have them recline in a chair, count their teeth, brush their teeth, and talk about the importance of taking care of their teeth. Then, switch roles, allowing them to play the dentist.

Smart Scheduling
Scheduling a dentist appointment during naptime or mealtime is setting your child up for failure. Instead, be smart with your scheduling, choosing a time of day when your child is most likely to be content and in a good mood.

Parents play a big part in helping reduce the stress that a visit to a dentist can cause a child.

Positive Reinforcement
No matter if your dental visit goes off without a hitch or if your child struggles with the process, take some time after the appointment to focus on what went well. The more you reinforce the positive aspects, the more your child will focus on those good parts.

Choose the Right Dentist
Of course, choosing the right dentist for your family makes all the difference in your kids’ experience.  Tips to prepare kids for their first dental visit are just guidelines that can help your child tolerate time at the dentist’s office. To set up an appointment for your child for family dental care near Carmichael, CA, reach out to the pros at Now Dental today!

5 Factors You Should Consider When Choosing a Dentist

Choosing A Dentist in Carmichael, CA

A guide to selecting the right dentist for you and your family is important for dental care planning

Finding a new dentist for yourself and your family is never an easy task. There are so many considerations to keep in mind no matter if you are looking for a specialist or a practice that offers family dental. It is crucial to take your time when making this decision as making the wrong one could lead to costly and dangerous mistakes. Do your research and keep the following factors in mind when trying to choose a new dentist.

Training and Experience

One of the top things you should investigate when looking at dentists is their training and level of experience they have. This is especially important if you need to have a specific procedure completed. Obviously, you want to have your work done by someone who has done it many times before and knows what they are doing. Either research the prospective dentist online or ask them about their credentials and experience.

Services Provided

You will also want to consider the treatments they offer at their practice. Not every office, or dentists even, offers the same services. If you have your heart set on a particular treatment or brand, you must first determine if the practice offers the treatment. For example, if you are interested in getting Invisalign, you will need to do research to find a dentist who offers it since it requires special certification.

Tips For choosing a dentist in Carmichael, California post image


One of the most important factors to keep in mind is the cost of the services provided and whether or not the dentist accepts your health insurance. The prices for dental care are calculated based on a number of factors and can vary from place to place and case to case. Before choosing a dentist, try to get estimates for the services that you require.

Emergency Services

Unfortunately, dental emergencies can happen. Damaged veneers and oral trauma can occur at any time. Check out the emergency services and procedures offered by all of the dental practices that you are considering. Some offices, for example, may have weekend hours or flexible appointments after hours for such emergencies.

Patient Comforts

For those who are naturally anxious when visiting the dentist, you should also consider the services that the practice offers specifically for those with dental anxiety. Some common examples include nitrous oxide and pre-medication. However, some practices go above and beyond in this respect, providing their patients with massages, aromatherapy, headphones, and more to help their patients relax. During the consultation, be sure to ask what, if any, services they provide.

New Technology

An office that uses the newest technology is a great sign that the practice is committed to providing the best care possible to their patients. Some dentists are a little bit hesitant to invest money and time into purchasing the newest tech. Though they may not necessarily improve the results of the procedure, they can impact other aspects of the treatment like how long it takes or recovery time. Try to find a dentist who offers some of the best advancements in dental technology. Just keep in mind that cutting-edge technology may increase the cost of your appointment.

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