Regular Dental Cleanings and Checkups Are Key To Controlling Dentistry Costs

Preventative Dental Care Saves Expensive Emergency Treatment

Many of us take our teeth for granted or worse, hope that issues with one’s dental health, will just resolve themselves. Both perspectives are a liable to lead to very expensive dental care or worse, a loss of teeth. This is where preventative dental care, including routine cleanings and X-rays are crucial to dental health and can help you save thousands of dollars. Preventative dental care can also save you from the misery of dental-related pain. There are few things that can hurt as much as the pain of an abscess, cracked tooth, exposed nerve or infected gums.

Preventative dental care is key to giving you and your dentist, what is going on with your dental care. A bi-annual cleaning appointment and an x-rays at least once a year, are what will help you keep your existing teeth healthy. Once your dentist knows the condition of your teeth and issues associated with dental care such as cavities, wear, and gum health, they can advise you or actions you need to take. This information is also key when it comes to your dentist working with you on a sustainable plan to maintain or improve your oral health.

While many dental issues are easy to detect, some, such as cavities and issues that could be affecting gums or internal tooth structures, are not. Other signs of dental health issues such as tender gums, bad breath, loose or broken teeth are can lead to expensive emergency appointments, unbearable pain or both!

You are not alone if you haven’t had a routine dental checkup the last six months! We have seen patients with dental insurance, who have avoided a routine dental cleaning and check up for various reasons. In some cases, they know there is an issue and other cases, they simply don’t like to visit a dentist.

As this author can attest to, ignoring even a small issue in your mouth can lead to serious health issues.

– An abscess can explode into a massive infection that threatens far more than a loss of teeth.
– A cavity can lead to an expensive root canal and in some cases, call for an additional expensive crown.
– Sore gums could turn into an infection that can move into bones and loss of teeth.
– Bad breath could be a sign of decay and be a forewarning of deep pockets harboring bacteria.

Of course good oral hygiene is crucial to maintaining the best oral health possible, but often it isn’t enough. Not everyone was born with a jaw that aligns teeth into the perfect bite. Sometimes that stray popcorn seed can crack or chip an existing tooth or crown and sometimes stuff happens that you just don’t detect.

That is why you should always find a way to attend regular dental cleanings and have x-rays done as your dentist suggests. If you haven’t had a regular dental cleaning and x-ray recently, call Now Dental of Carmichael, California. We are a family-friendly dental practice that is committed to helping you keep your natural teeth health through sustainable dental care.