Learning the Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings At Now Dental

Regular dental cleanings at Now Dental will save you money and improve your overall health!
You’ve heard it before: you need to schedule a checkup with your dentist every six months. But have you ever wondered why this is? Getting regular dental screenings and cleanings is about more than just protecting your teeth (though this is still a big part of it). Preventative dental care can help to protect your whole body against future health problems and limit your chances of needing costly, extensive work in the future. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of getting your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Remove Plaque
Even if you’re the best tooth-brusher in the world, there’s still a chance that some plaque could remain on your teeth. If it’s allowed to stay on your teeth for 24 to 72 hours, plaque can turn into tartar, which can only be removed by a professional. Tartar also makes plaque harder to get rid of and acts as a shield to protect bacteria in your mouth. Plaque buildup is the leading cause of tooth decay and, according to Crest, more than half of adults have tartar. Though these two are impossible to avoid, you can treat them easily with regular cleanings at Now Dental, your family friendly dentist in Carmichael, CA.

Avert Gum Disease
When you do not properly take care of your teeth and mouth, gingivitis and periodontal disease become all too common. Gum disease causes space to form between the teeth and the gums. In this area, bacteria flourishes, which can cause the gums to become swollen and tender. They may also bleed after you brush your teeth. Over time, these spaces can also result in painful abscesses. However, with regular dental cleanings, you can avoid gum disease and ensure your gums and teeth remain healthy.
Regular Dental Checkups Save You Money and Save Your Teeth!

Decrease the Risk for Diabetes
Having high blood sugar can take a toll on your oral health. In general, those with diabetes tend to experience dental problems more often than those without it. People with diabetes have a higher rate of dental infections, more cases of cavities, decay, and gum disease, and their mouth sores require more time to heal fully. When you get regular checkups, your dentist can determine which oral health problems, if any, are related to high blood sugar and recommend treatment, so your diabetes and oral health conditions do not worsen.

Early Detection of Cavities
During the cleaning, your oral health professional will also be on the lookout for signs of cavities, even when they are in their earliest stages. When cavities are caught early enough, they can be treated without the use of a drill. If you do not visit your dentist every six months, you may miss the early warning signs of a cavity. It will only get worse, requiring more invasive treatments, costing more money, and potentially leading to other long-term problems.

Identify Oral Cancer
Your dentist will also be looking out for any abnormalities in your mouth while they are performing the cleaning. These signs include white or red spots in the mouth and wounds that do not heal, which can indicate oral cancer. If your dentist suspects this condition, they can administer tests to be sure. Like any other type of cancer, early detection is key and gives you a better chance for a full recovery. That’s why regular cleanings are so crucial.

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What to Know About Dental Fillings

What to Know About Dental Fillings

Filling you in about fillings!

If tooth pain has got you down, it’s time to take a trip to Now Dental, your friendly dental practice in Carmichael, CA. Depending on your diagnosis, we may recommend fillings. Fillings re the most common approach to restore a tooth where decay has damaged a tooth. A dentist grinds or drills away decay and then fills the cavity with a composite known as a filling. While fillings can halt the growth of decay in a specific area, they aren’t a cure-all. In fact, there are a few things that your dental provider wants you to know about fillings.

Fillings Aren’t Permanent
It’s better to think of fillings as a semi-permanent solution to tooth decay. Typically, the average filling has a lifespan of 12 years. Some may not last that long. The amount that you use your teeth will greatly impact the longevity of your fillings. Depending on where they are located, they could last as little as a few years.

Fillings Have Problems Too
Your dentist always tries to get your filling just right. They mold it to your teeth and do their best to remove all decay before sealing it. But, sometimes things go wrong. If you notice an issue with your filling, it’s important that you contact your dentist as soon as possible. Sensitivity, unusual texture, and pain are indications that something is wrong. Your filling may have cracked or lifted, exposing a sensitive portion of your tooth. The longer you wait to have this issue examined, the more likely it is to become more problematic. Save yourself the pain and future issues by scheduling an appointment at the first sign of trouble.

Filling TLC
Did you know that your fillings require additional care? While brushing and flossing will keep them clean and polished, there’s more that you can do to prevent the breakdown of your fillings. For example, consuming large amounts of acidic or hard food can cause the composite of your fillings to break down. Pay special attention to your diet and avoid chewing exceptionally hard food with those teeth that have fillings. It’s also a good idea to use toothpaste with fluoride and have your dentist check your fillings during your biannual appointment.

xray image of different types of fillings.

Don’t Depend on Fillings
Many people avoid caring for their natural teeth simply because they know that they can have fillings placed at the first sign of decay. While fillings can help, they shouldn’t be something you depend on. Fillings can’t provide the same sort of strength that your natural teeth do. While they do help, they aren’t perfect. Instead, take care of the teeth that you do have in an effort to avoid having to have fillings placed.

If a filling is inevitable, Now Dental has experience and knowledge you can count on for the best result. Now Dental provides premium dental care to patients of all ages. Whether you need an X-ray or a filling, schedule an appointment with our friendly team today!