Three Common Causes of Child Tooth Decay

Cavities can happen in children of any age!

It is important that you pay attention to the health of even your child’s first set of teeth!
Tooth decay affects people of all ages, from seniors to children. Even toddlers can experience decay in their baby teeth, which is often a shocking discovery for their parents. Though the signs of deterioration should be a cause for concern, they can be prevented if you know what to look for and instill good oral health habits early on.

Keep reading to discover the three factors a parent can control, that can lead to tooth decay in children.

It is important for parents to pay attention to a child’s teeth as soon as they break through the gums! While there are many factors beyond a parent’s control that can affect a child’s teeth, early detection of any issues can prevent pain and other issues.

Sugary Drinks
Sugar (and more specifically, sugary beverages) is one of the biggest leading causes of tooth decay in people of all ages. However, sugary drinks pose an especially troubling problem for toddlers because of bottles and sippy cups. Though these cups may be convenient, many parents leave them with their children nearly all the time. And while this may seem like an excellent method of pacifying an active toddler, it also opens them to harmful sugar for long periods. Mouths dry out while sleeping, which means anything your child ingests before bedtime will be more likely to stick to their teeth, and their chances of developing decay increase. This phenomenon is also known as bottle rot. To avoid overexposing your child’s teeth to sugar, fill their bottles and sippy cups with water or milk. Also, try not to give them a bottle when putting them down to sleep. If you do need to provide them with a bottle before a nap or bedtime, make sure it is full of water, not juice.

Sharing Saliva
Eating and drinking sugar isn’t the only way tooth decay can form. The bacteria that initiates tooth decay can also be passed along through saliva. If you or anyone who comes in contact with your child has these bacteria, they can easily be transmitted to your baby. This can happen by sharing utensils, drinking from the same cup, or using your mouth to clean off a baby’s pacifier. To avoid spreading bacteria, refrain from doing the activities mentioned above or anything else that involves passing saliva from your mouth to theirs. Additionally, try to stop your child from sucking on or putting objects that are not designed for teething purposes in their mouth. You never know where those items have been or if any other children have gotten their saliva on them recently.

Improper Oral Health Care
The best way to avoid tooth decay is by instilling good oral health habits early on in life. Implement a regular cleaning routine starting at a young age. Even before their first tooth grows in, clean the infant’s gums with a washcloth after they eat. Once their first tooth appears, you can begin gently brushing their teeth with a baby toothbrush and water. You should also schedule their first appointment for family dental care in Carmichael, CA, within six months of their first tooth appearing. Once your toddler turns two years old, you can start brushing their teeth twice daily using fluoride toothpaste. By instilling oral health values early, you can create habits that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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Keys to Avoiding Tooth Loss

Teeth well-cared for last a lifetime

Tips on how to prevent tooth loss, save money and reduce chances for dental pain!

Your teeth are important to you, both now and in the future. People value how they look, and a toothless smile could relegate you to the “B” team at work and in social circles. Worse, losing teeth may affect your health as you get older. Many of the elderly may face poor nutrition because of pain caused by dentures and trouble eating. Keeping your teeth is probably among your priorities, even if you never really thought about it. Here are the keys to avoiding tooth loss.

Brush and floss properly regularly

It’s no secret that you should brush twice a day and floss once a day. Doing so keeps your smile beautiful by limiting stains, and allows you to keep your teeth. Brushing removes bacteria and plaque. Flossing keeps tartar from forming, so there’s no place for bacteria to hide. Use a fluoride toothpaste and make sure you’re putting in a full two minutes.

Regular dental checkups can prevent pain and expensive treatment

Going to see the dentist for a tooth cleaning once every six months keeps your teeth and gums healthy. It also gives you the opportunity to consult an expert if you notice that your teeth or gums are bleeding. Since gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss, visiting a dentist is your best bet to find it and stop it before it becomes too much to handle. A dentist can also tell if you grind your teeth and take care of the problem by providing you with the right prevention tool or technique.

Stop Smoking and cut out all tobacco products

Smoking is bad for your health. Chewing tobacco is bad for your health. Cut out the tobacco products, you’ll smell better, your breath will smell better, and you’ll be more likely to keep your teeth instead of losing them to cancer or an increase in bacteria buildup.

Mind the Gap – The sooner you deal with missing teeth, the better

If you already have missing teeth, they could lead to more problems. Teeth move to fill in the gaps; this movement is detrimental to your oral health. Make sure you find a dentist to deal with the problem, so that you can have a healthier smile.

Don’t ignore tooth or jaw pain! Your getting a message!

Too many people ignore tooth pain. While sometimes the pain may be due to sensitivity that’s normal as people age, other times, it’s tooth decay, and waiting to take care of it only causes more problems. Teeth don’t heal on their own, so the longer you wait to take care of a hurting tooth, the more likely you are to face some sort of surgical procedure. Whether extraction or a root canal, going to the dentist to take care of it sooner will make the procedure easier to deal with, and in the long run, less expensive and less painful for you.

Choose and stick with the right dentist for you and your family!

Going to the dentist shouldn’t cause you concern or anxiety. If it does, you may need to find another dental office that can help you feel more comfortable. The more you enjoy going to the dentist, the less likely you are to put off routine checkups or taking care of tooth pain. If you’re looking for family dentistry in Carmichael, CA, contact Now Dental and schedule an appointment for your oral health needs.

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